WA Rally

Our big trip has arrived. Mick, Stella & myself meet at Cassillis, a free camp on Wednesday 4th September. At happy hour discussed things & places we would see. Was windy & cool. Next day sun shining & warm to hot, pulled into Nyngan for lunch in a great park. We all felt tired so decided to stay for the night. Think not use to the heat...was 30 degrees & my right arm was sunburnt. Fabulous no more jeans & jumpers.....hello summer. Great free camp & in the morning visited the "Big Bogan". During the drive next day became windy, very windy & sky looked reddy brown. Very errie. Pulled into McCullocks Range free camp, 50 km east Wilcania. Extremely windy & dust blowing everywhere. No happy hour outside. In the morning wind eased & blue sky...what a difference a day makes. Driving into Wilcania paddocks were green & wildflowers. Magnificent scenery, changing all the time. Shopped in Broken Hill for supplies,then we crossed the border into South Austarlia. Had our picture taken under the sign...Welcome to South Australia...pitty there was a dead & decaying kangaroo right under the sign......but some photos you just have to have. This was at Cockburn where there was a caravan park..$20 night. After all the dust just needed a shower & wash our hair. Brillant shower too. Cockburn is a small town, pop 19. Caravan park, pub, post office & electricity supply is run by the town. They have to buy water in at $14.00 per 1000 litres. May seem cheap but it is an eye opener how much water you use to drink, shower, wash clothes & even just wash your hands. We are happy to support them. Our next stop Peterborough due to extreme wind again in a free camp. Was 1 degree in the early morning....ffrrreeeezzzzziiiiiiiinnnnnnng. Mick came out of the van with beanie, jacket, gloves, trackies & slippers & that is how he drove till we stopped for morning tea just before Port Augusta. Magnifecent scenery around this area, rolling hills & green. Also livestock in the paddocks which NSW didn't have. Onto Kimba & one of the best free camps. Water & hot showers. Also the town is bringing in tourist due to the painted silo & Edward John Eyre Sculptures plus other attractions, was warm weather too. Ceduna is next stop for 2 nights. Caravan park for $30 night. New showers & laundry plus a room with high powered hoses to clean fish & crabs you catch. Even has a gas ring with pot on it to cook your crabs. Excellent. So sheets, towels & cloths washed. Sightseeing was around the water with Decres Bay & Pinky Pt Lookout plus Mackenzie Ruins & Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre & a great  Museum. Had tea at the Sailing Club which is only opened Wednesday & Friday. Wow was it crowded & the food was fabulous. Mick & Stella enjoyed a Sticky Date Pudding each.  Tomorrow we start our drive on The Nullarbor...so looking forward to it...............CHAPTER 2..Start of the Nullarbor. Also when we crossed into SA clocks went back 1/2 hour. Stopped at Penong for morning tea, small town with a Windmill Museum. All shapes & sizes, very interesting. That night free camped, without toot, so early start in morning to The Great Australian Bight. Walked out to the platform overlooking the water, brilliant sunshine & water so blue. There in front of us were 5 whales with their calves just relaxing. Right on the surface with one cheeky calf waving his fin at us. A couple dolphins showed up too. We watched for ages. Brillant. Nullarbor means "No Trees" but there are small shrubs that look like sheep & olive green. Scenery was every changing...colours, flat then hills. Not much wildlife, but  too dry. Thoroughly enjoying it. Then we are at the SA/WA border. Quaranteen Station.....I had lovely lady & was allowed to go. Mick's officer searched his van more thoroughly then we are on our way....we are in WA now...Yippee also clocks back 3/4 hour....happy hour getting later. Free camped that night & the weather warming up & the flies came to join, thank goodness we packed our fly nets. Some days was extremely windy & the fuel economy was high. Other days good driving weather. Even had a few drops rain. But they definately need good constant soaking rain. Next day another time change 3/4 hour again....that makes us 2 hours behind you. Then we drove into Norseman....We did it...crossed The Nullarbor. What a great experience. Dusty (car), Pocket Rocket (van) Me & Stella & Mick did it.Norseman is a small town population 700, not sure where they were but it was Sunday. Was gold mining town, took drive to Beacon Hill Lookout. Great view overlooking the town. Had to take photo of the famous camels that are in the roundabout. Did the "Dundas Coach Heritage Trail Road" It's 25 Km with 10 stopping sites with information & sometimes a ruin or mine which tells of the early years when the town was starting in the gold rush. Very very interesting, but boy was it tough for them back then. Had 2 days here with shower for $2 at the Information Centre. Then onto huge town of Kalgoorlie, pop 32,000. Beautiful old buildings. Visited "The Super Pit"...HUGE hole in the ground. Large trucks & machinery looked like matchbox cars. The trucks were filled then ever so slowly climed out of the pit. Trucks going down were faster. Then onto Boulder & coffee. Much smaller town, wide footpaths & had great character. Time to depart Kalgoorlie which was 29 degrees....beautiful. Then the weather changed....wind & cold. Stella checked forecast & down to -1 that night so decided, wisely, to go to Westonia & stay in a caravan park. What a good choice, only $20 with new amenities & camp kitchen......could get use to this. Westonia is small town with heaps to see. Has swimming pool, bowling greens, tennis court & playground for the kids, looks new. Didn't see too many townfolk though. Took a drive to Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve where there was wildflowers of all colours & fantastic rock formations. The green I thought was algae but in fact was tiny wildflowers. Onto Baladjie Rock, another great formation & from the top a great view of the lake. Took a walk to the lake & Oh No.....no water... just salt. Next Elachbutting Rock with aply name "Rock Wave" ( smaller version of Wave Rock)  Naturally Stella & I surfed The Wave. You could drive to the top & WOW WOW what a view. Green country side...magnificent, thought I was on top of the world. An excellent day out. Today we move on, probably free camping so until next time I have service & power......bye for now & hope you enjoying reading our travels....................CHAPTER 3....At Perth in a caravan park for a week. But first let me tell you where before here. From Westonia went through Merredin & stoped at the Silo's. Just amazing.Then turned at Tammin for York. Country road with just us, such breathtaking scenery, green & gold of the Canola. Sheep in the paddocks too but dams were quite low. Stayed at York free camp by the river, excellent spot, town has some old buildings but catering for the "yuppies" (reminds me of Berry). Was cold so had fridge down to 3.....but next morning my bottle of water  was 1/2 frozen....beer ok thank goodness. Next day stopped at Northan for a look. River was wide with fountain & nice parks. Supposed to have murials on buildings but only found 2. Silo art was excellent though. Driving on, meandering through countryside with corners, feels like a Sunday drive, Stella comes on the two way "Just went through swarm of bees, windscreen is covered in them"  luckily for me (I'm following) my window was up as I copped them too. GPS then sends us down a dirt road (red dirt)....hum...not bad so we stay on it for 10 kms. At end of it was the small town of Moora with a free camp. What a find this place is. Beautiful parks with flower beds  & well mown lawns. Water features and quirky statues plus murials. Only draw back was I paid $46.00 for a gas bottle refill...oh well needed it as we are going into a National Park for 3 nights. But filled up Dusty & only $1.45 per litre.  Pulled into Cervantes Caravan Park next day....$42.. for the night.....only park in town. Wasn't impressed, roads full of potholes, amenities could have done with a good scrub...but we are here to see The Pinnacles. It's a 4 km drive around, stopping when you like. 1st stop Stella said to me "What do you think"..."Yeah  good" I say.....then next stop.. WOW... Could this trip get any better...in front of me is thousands of millions of Pinnacles. All shapes & sizes. We drove, stopped, walked, took photo's. Took us 1 1/2 hours to do the 4 km. Never seen anything like it. MAGICAL On way back to caravan park stopped at Lake Thetis. There was "Stromatolites" 1st time I've seen them let alone heard of them. They are descendants of the earliest life form on earth. So unusual. Then onto Yanchep National Park for 3 nights. Driving there stopped at a lookout, beautiful torquise ocean, & took a walk seeing heaps wildflowers & black boys.  In paddocks along the drive were masses of small black boys, we reckon it looks like the nursery for them. After setting up at the NP our hosts Kaylene & Rodger came & welcomed us. Told us of the new amenities with hot showers & new camp ktchen. Brillant. Plenty of walks to do & at 5.00 he lights the fire for happy hour. All this for $9.00 per person.....think I'm going to like it here. We took a drive to Yanchep Beach, huge houses (must be where the rich live). Lots of seaweed on the beach but couple great rock formations. Then onto Two Rocks with a rock looking like London Bridge. Above the beach is this huge statue of "Atlantis" in sandstone. You carn't get close as used to be tourist attraction but now closed & fenced off.  There was heaps of other sculpture in the park across the road & a huge dragon which looks like it came from Harry Potter.  We also called into the local chemist to fill in some scripts. While waiting we were asked "Would you like a coffee." We must have looked stunned as she then said "It's free."  Yes please...what a great chemist, bent over backwards to fill a complicated script for us too. So helpful....will be speaking to our chemists when we back home. Did heaps of walks around camp too. So many wild flowers, black boys & kangaroos. Had Tudor Style buildings, found out from Ranger Mark that this use to be a Fitness & Wellbeing Resort back in the 30's. Went down Crystal Cave (with Derrick the guide) Everdently there is over 500 caves in the park. Our last walk was to Boomerang Gorge......so different to everywhere else we'd walked. You walked down to the bottom, very few wildflower etc, tall trees & felt dry. Such a different contrast to the rest of the park. Each night I went to the fire, there were kangaroos & green parrot eating just a few feet from you. Can never get sick of seeing these animals in the wild. Rodger & Kaylene would be there with the other campers. So good chatting & finding where best to go. Kaylene christened me "Scallywag" don't know why, I did behave myself, honest. What a brillant find this place was, & the hosts were so accommodating. Sorry to leave tomorrow. As we drive nearer to Perth, the traffic is growing. Stella comes on 2 way, our GPS is sending us nowhere, you go in front. My GPS has been correct up till now.....I have 12 kms till Caravan Park in Perth, we go around huge roundabout & I pull out too early, Mick & Stella take another exit...see you there I say. GPS says turn right but no road.....they have put in another major freeway & I'm going around in circle, I'm lost. GPS goes down to 11 kms to go, good, then carn't turn & back to 15 kms. I see a Council Worker & pull up...Turn right at lights then left into Toodyay Road, about 10 km....nice man, thanks. Yes I'm arrive. Mick decided we use public transport for our sightseeing....bloody good idea. Perth does this well, for $5.60 a day we can ride buses, trains & ferries. Also in Perth City they have 4 buses ( Red, Blue, Green & Yellow) that take you on different circular route....Hop On..Hop Off...worked a treat. Perth has a big population of homeless people ( Dissolutioned people we called them ) most very polite .While we were in Perth visited the waterfront, water was brown, The Bell Tower & did a tour which included ringing of the bells. Thought we were great at it. Beautiful old buildings mixed in with the new. A beautiful catherlic church that had a coffe van in the grounds, also in the church after the service sold sourviners. Perth Mint, unless you paid for the tour ($17.00)  all you saw was very expensive shops. Took train to Fremantle, waterfront was clean & fish & chips hot. Saw Round House where prisoners use to be held. Also has a road called Cappuccino Strip & you guessed it full of cafes....very yuppie. Ride home on train was peaceful until we came to the Showground stop. Perth is having it's show & mum's, dad's, kids & showbags piled in. Needless to say was a noisy trip home. Took train to Mandurah -- nice parks & waterfront plus Rockingham -- so many families ( was school holidays ) enjoying the parks & beach. Had artificial grass to sit on with different coloured umbrella's. Don't know why but reminded me of back in the 40's. Our day at Kings Park was my highlight of Perth. Fantastic lookouts of the city, which sees no smog, traffic moving freely & blue harbour. Garden's are breathtaking, so impressed wih Kangaroo Paw...did not know there is 12 different colours. So many different picnic area's for families to enjoy with best playgrounds I've seen...did try a couple. Perth is a  nice city but glad heading to less population tomo....Bunbury. Had to mention Mick filled his gas bottle in Perth for $23.00......enough said about that..........................CHAPTER 4......Drive to Bunbury we drove through rain & the streets had so much water laying around....not use to this. Colder too so back in winter PJ's tonight. Took a drive around town & beach, waves were pounding & there was surfers out....go figure. Just overcast next day so drive to Busselton to take a train ride & see Underwater Observatory. Bugger all sold out so book in for 10.00 am tomo. Walked town seeing Court House, Statues & old buildings, nice. On way back to camp go via Gnomesville....so named due to someone placing a Gnome on a roundabout & then others followed. Now it is in a clearing & reckon there is over 6,000 of the little buggers. Trip on the train at Busselton Jetty next day is great, we actually reached 6 km per hour. Jetty is 1.8 km long & at the end is an Underwater Observatory which we went down. Heaps crabs, small fish & colour on the pillons. Lucky for us there was an NZ Fur Seal playing around the pillons & boy did she put on a show for us. Diving under & back flips, enjoyable. Next day move onto the Margaret River Region....also we are now 3 hours behind you. Have to be careful when we ring home now. Staying in a National Park, very comfortable but no hot showers.  Touring next day & call into Gnarbup Beach --  great waves & rocks, Ellensbrook, Gracetown South Point -- rocks, surfers & nice coastal town. Wyadup Rocks there is so many people. You have to walk on rocks to get to rock pools, no swimming beach or picnic area. One pool is called Champagne Pool due to water rushing in & making bubbles. The colours are brilliant, very pleasant place. Cowaramup is a lovely small town with black & white statues of cows & calves throughout the town. Lions Park has 8 metre post with a cow standing up on it. Stella says "Look in that paddock they have heaps of statues there." I say "Wonder why ?" Next thing one moves then another....silly us they are real.  A highlight was going into Mammoth Cave. You are given a set of headphones & wander at your leisure. You enter & go down steps then WOW this HUGE cavity. Above ground we visit Hamelin Bay where 2 sting rays are feeding along the shoreline. Augusta is smaller than we thought but waterways good. Onto Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where Pacific & Indian Ocean meet. This is southern most point. So now we have been as far west & south as we can go. Heading east now. Back at camp Mick lit a fire & had a couple drinks...relaxed. Margaret River Regiion is beautiful. The Caves Road is Fantastic to travel (thanks Pam & Rob for info ) Nannup is next nights stop. Carn't get over the countryside, so green with tall grass, fat cows & sheep plus water in dams & rivers. Even seen about 20 emus in a paddock. Road can be narrow at times, like country road, but this is Highway 1. And they complain about our roads. Oh well not as much traffic over here.Talking to a local who said summer & winter they had a lot of rain. No wonder WA are able to send hay to us. Also so many towns end with "UP" Found out aboriginal word for "place of." Worst freecamp was 16km W of Walpole. It's a small section of the old road, Camps 9 said toilets......but they did not exist. Well only for 1 night, wasn't too bad. Valley of Giant Trees Top Walk was good. Walked up the boardwalk, 40 metres up, did sway & wasn't windy. Tingle trees are straight & tall. Also walked along the valley floor. They have a huge width at the bottom & even when eaten out still survive. Left free camp early for Walpole & toots. Nice town with markets on, only about 12 stalls. Scones with jam & cream yummy. Took detour to Peaceful Bay. Gorgeous spot, not over populated has brillant  blue water, no seaweed. Very peaceful. Last overnight stop before Albany is Denmark. Another small nice town. I'm there for 2 nights as Mick & Stella go into rally day early. So I go driving sightseeing before shopping. Next thing police car behind then lights go on. I pull over, "Is this your car ?" Yes "Do you have current NSW licence ?" Sure do. I show him plus take breath test (which I passed ) "On holiday ?" Yes 3 months off to Albany for rally. All good. On way back to camp he's driving towards me, he waves & I waveback & smile. Back at camp it's getting cold & misty rain. Off to Albany tomo..............CHAPTER 5....This report is turning into a novel....Albany....I pack up in the rain, jeans, flannel shirt, jumpers & raincoat on.  It's cold, what's going on ?  400 vans are here at Albany & organizers did such a good job getting us all in. They have a bus that runs every hour that takes you around Albany to tourist sites. Hop on & hop off. Brillant. Our sightseeing included Torndirrup National Park with Goode Beach, Salmon Holes, Jimmy Newhills Harbour with water so torquise & sand so white & everywhere. Highlight was "The Gap" where you are on a boardwalk looking down 28 metres at waves hitting the rocks. So much white water & loud. Also Natural Bridge was spectacular. Did a tour around the Anzac Centre & even was able to see them fire a cannon ( sorry no photo as it happened so quick ). The wood sculptures on a gentlemans property were magnificent. All done with a chain saw on trees & logs. Must have been 50 different ones. The Old Goal was very interesting. The volunteer told me stories of ghosts & also "Jack The Ripper" was also held here. He was an evil man, not only killed prostitutes but his wife & children. The Whaling Station gave an excellent insite into the life of a Whaler. Could go on the last Whaling Ship...Cheyne 1V. Looks small but so many decks & rooms & you can climb & clammer all over it. Mick & Stella did us proud in Disc Bowls. Started slow but then came back lost by 5 to 3. Well done guys. Also had a Trade/Exhibition Show at the grounds. Beleive 1 new van was sold & everyone I saw had bought something...Camps 10 for me. Every night we have entertainmet. Beatles, Rolling Stones, Shirley Bassey, Irish Dance Troop with ages 6 to 16 & so good. The Albany Shantymen just lifted the roof, so powerful & even a tri of Redgum Caravans who were brillant. The Bush Poets were excellent, had us in stitches. Now the weather has not been kind to us, but if you talk to a local they say "It's Albany." Rain is called drizzle but the winds have been icy. Thank goodness I bought my club jacket.  Now rally is finished, well done as not an easy feat to organise. SA in 2 1/2 years...........CHAPTER 6....It's great to be on the open road again. As we drive north we stop at the towns to investigate. Mt Barker -- great bakery, Tenterdin -- only a garage ( nearly missed it as I blinked ), Cranbrook very small but out of town is this magnificent Pink Lake. This is rare to see due to the drought. The colour is caused by microscopic salt loving bacteria called HALO bacteria that produces red pigment. ( Wealth of knowledge arn't I ) Our stop for the night was at Katanning -- good size town, old buildings & friendly Information person named Arthur. Next day was cold & windy. The scenery is getting dryer, brown, none or little water in dams & creeks. Also so many strange names for towns & creek -- I carn't pronoune them. At Nyabing a nice lady came & opened up the museum & told us a bit of the history of the town. Very proud lady. Pingrup had this magnificent Silo with artwork. Lake Grace, which is huge,  was dry & only salt. Then we entered The Tin Horse HHighway into Kulin. It's 15 km long & took us just over an hour to drive. So many funny one, you just had to take a photo. ( I've only put 3 on the web site ). The waterslide at the local pool is very high, the local kids must love it. The free camp was fantastic, right in town with toots & hot shower. Next day sunny & warm BUT the flies.....they swarm all over you, especially your face. We have come to wearing our fly net when sightseeing towns now, don't care what we look like. Next stop for 2 nights was Wave Rock Caravan Park. This was fantastic as was a 3 minute walk to "The Wave."  I felt so minute. There was a surfboard, so naturally I had to show my talent. I also walked to the top, great views. Hippo's Yawn was a nice stroll along the base of the rock & it really looked like a Hippo. Was great warm weather, but again "The Flies."  Our next stop was Hopetoun in Fitzgerald River National Park for 3 nights....with hot shower. Back to windy & cold. Been very windy & cold on the south, very south coast. I think of NSW where lovely & warm but "NO" this is bottom of Oz, not far from Antarticia. The beaches are lovely, although have white caps ( due to wind)  & the wildflowers are so different from what we have seen (Thanks Sue, wildflower book you lent me has come in handy) The Royal Hakea is spectacular. Onto Esperence & it's warming up, high 20's, no wind. Pulled into Lucky Bay Campsite at Cape Le Grand National Park. still sunny & 30 degrees,no wind. Our vans are overlooking the beautiful torquoise water & white sand. Fantastic rock formations as well. Here for 3 nights & hot showers, great, tomorrow we will have our 1st swim & really relax & enjoy this serenity. Perfect.....THAT NIGHT..wind blew like a cyclone, thought I was going to loose my annex & did I mention the rain....BUGGER..Next day weather was not improving so we stayed in our vans. First day of no sightseeing. SHOCKING. (Annex survived)..........Next day weather had improved slightly. Went sightseeing into Esperence then drove the Great Ocean Drive for 40 km's. Heaps beaches to call into & they really are best I've seen. All quite different.Colours brilliant, white sand, rock formations breathtaking.  It's a shame weather wasn't better at Lucky Bay, such a great spot, but it is what it is. Drive to Norseman improved greatly, rain stopped & became very pleasently warm.Drive across The Nullarbor was so much easier as no wind. Fuel economy coming over 15.7, this time 13.6. Stella wanted to see the Melbourne Cup so we stayed a night in a caravan park at Eucula. Hotel put on a great lunch & had sweeps. I won $24 so paid for lunch etc. Across The Nullarbor we have seen people riding bikes & walking. Not my idea of fun. During this crossing, time has change 2 1/2 hours forward. Getting use to it. Also before crossing into SA Mick & Stella cooked up all their veggys. Next day slowed down for Quaranteen Station to be checked, no where to stop, it's only going into WA. Oh well they will have some easy meals. Then Kimba again, still a great spot but only 6 vans in this time. Cyrstal Brook next night right in town. Now at Port Elliot near Victor Harbor. Another "What A Fined Place"  Staying at showground with mod cons. Warm & sunny, beautiful. Guess what....during the night wind came up & strong..again. Getting use to sightseeing in the wind. Was warm high 20's. Into Victor Harbor I go. Unfortunally the horse drawn tram was not going due to problems with the jetty. So I drove toThe Bluff for great views over to the town. After lunch drove into Port Elliot town. Small but nice. Horseshoe Bay was protected from the wind & gorgeous. The bowling club was right there...I'd take up bowls if I had that view. Then onto Freeman's Lookout, fantastic. This is really a great part of Australia. Tomorrow we leave to head towards Swan Hill then along The Murray. We will be free camping so don't know when can add to "The Novel"...................CHAPTER 7....Must comment on South Australian road. TERRIBLE. They have wheel grooves & waves and you have to hang onto the steering wheel for dear life, even there M1 was the same. Stopped at Strathalbyn, beautiful town with stone block houses & beautiful gardens. There park was magnificent with a Rotunda, roses, creek & ducks. Next day crossed into Victoria (same terrible roads). Stopped for a look around Pinnaroo, walked about 50 metres then went back to the van to change into jeans & club jacket, freezing. Did warm up in afternoon when stopped for the night at Manangatang. This free camp was opposite the local pub. So over I went to give a donation & decided to try a Carlton Draught (still no Tooheys New) didn't taste bad so I had another & a chat to the bar lady. We have planned our trip home along The Murray calling into Swan Hill, Echuca, Tocumwell,Wodonga & then ? Another 1/2 hour time change, now we have correct time, gee gets dark late (8.45 pm) Tooleybuc was small town but neat & friendly. Took a walk along the river at Swan Hill & I also visited the Flying Boat Museum at Lake Boga. Very fascinating. Lake Boga was the site for the No 1 RAAF Flying Boat Repair Depot during the 2nd World War. In all,416 aircraft were serviced & repaired.  Free camp that night was Reedy Lake. Beautiful spot right on the lake which was full of water as was Lake Boga. That arvo we had Happy Hour. Actually we have not had too many happy hours due to the weather. Windy & cold, so was nice to sit in the warmth & enjoy the view. An eel swam past, big too. Other wildlife pelicans, hawks & beautiful blue wrens -- cheeky buggers. Most mornings have been overcast & cool with clearing & warm later, today was no exception. Stopped at Kerang, which is a large town with nice floral display at it's roundabout. The older buildings are in need of repair. We weren't impressed. Cohuna, on the other hand gave us a good feel. Had a huge free camp for self contained vehicles. Large towns, well maintained as was the parks. At Echuca we walked the old part along The Murray. Boy was it low. That night we had a chat & decided to head home. My daughter had texted me that both my grand kids were involved with important things at school next week. As I had missed their dance concert I didn't want to miss this. Mick & Stella agreed as they had  things they wished to attend too next week. "Time For Home"................LAST CHAPTER...Next morning thought we'd treat ourselves to a caravan park that night. Gundagai was picked but unfortunately for us they had a "Snake Gully" festival on & no vacancies anywhere. So onto Jugiong showground, long day 460km in all. No power but great showers for $2.00. Half way to home is Mittagong & they have caravan parks. Luckily Stella rang them as they only had 1 powered site free. Strange I thought, it's Sunday night, everyone should be going home to work Monday. We thought to stay at Gunnung but really wanted power & bit closer to home for next day. So Goulburn Caravan Park was our last night of  "On The Road."  We went out for tea to The Railway Hotel. So much memorabilia about the old station. Our meal was scrumptious & the Tooheys New was very morish. Next morning sunny, warm, no wind or jumper. Beautiful. We were both up earlier than normal, looking forward to home. Has been a fantastic trip, seen so many different & amazing sights. Best of all neither of us had car or caravan trouble. Looking forward to home for a while then more adventures..........I did it......Cheers Bev