Temora Trip - November

Tuesday...All arrived safely and at various times from 3 pm onwards. Setting up and then straight into happy hour, 6 pm saw us all adjourn to our various vans for an early night (all a bit weary ), to rest up and prepare for tomorrow. Jeanette & Brian, Marcella & Ian, Terry & Jill, Rob & Robyn, Stella & Mick, Val and Marcia. Caravan park ideally suited to plane watching, gliders, light aircraft, aerobatic, helicopters etc, all there just for our enjoyment.  The park had lots of lovely greem grass, we were able to go barefoot with care "Bindies"

Wednesday...Tour of Temora started with a visit to the Information Centre plus reproduction village of various exhibitions..re.. buildings showing the advancement of the different industries in the area over the years. Many of us reminisced over times gone by. One of the highlights was Sir Donald Bradman's first home and the Rock and Mineral Museum. An Art Exhibition was also on show. The buildings were so interesting that some people returned later in the day as they had not see it all. We adjourned back to town to have morning tea. Wandering along the streets someone spotted an opp shop. Mick gave us a 5 minute limit. (Ever the optimist ) Stopped for lunch at the Round About Bakery. Covid correct, only two to a table, we sat outside, and you wouldn't  believe it, while sitting there and eating our lunch, just across the road was another opp shop "Salvo's". No way said the men.....Yippee said the girls. Finishing eating and shopping we parted ways to just do our own thing, be it resting back at camp or exploring. All met for happy hour. Weather was again quite hot.

Thursday...9.30 start saw us on the road to Ariah Park, morning tea at the White Rose cafe, opp shopping, we then wandered around the town's old buildings etc. Small but typical country town. Lunch at the newly renovated hotel. Lovely original building, a young couple had reopened it. Stella had some great photo's of the interior. Our meals were country size, so much that some of us could not eat it all. Rob had trouble finishing his hamburger, which was a first. All meals were delicious. Ian guided us out to the Arbortree Dam, which is a 25 hectare artificial lake, popular for fishing and boating for the locals. No happy hour as we had a very heavy downpour, very windy also, a relief from the heat.

Friday...Was a rest day just to recover, sleep in and just relax. Some went off to the Aviation museum, Centenary Dam or went for a walk down town.

Saturday...Early start, to Junee to the Licorice Factory, arrived in time for morning tea, coffee, scones with jam and cream....delicious. Everyone came away with lots of chocolate of various flavours, others explored the upstairs shopping complex and knives where the bargain of the day.... "On Sale"  Sadly Vinnies was shut. The Round House Railway Museum kept us busy for a couple of hours, a look back in time ...re...rail travel. We all had a memory or two re our experiences on the old trains, holidays, going to school etc. It was fun. As most of Junee was shut we were guided to a local takeaway cafe to buy our lunch and then proceeded to the park/ nature strip to eat under the trees. We were all feeling a bit weary and decided to head back to Temora, it had been a long day.  No happy hour today as most peole were asleep by 8 pm except for four who lingered well into the night. Guess who ?....A good day a lot of fun, weather warm but pleasant.

Sunday...Local markets were on our agenda today, lots of lovely handcraft etc also coffee and bacon and egg rolls, if you were feeling hungry. Six visitors had their photo taken for the Temora Chronicle, we must have stood out. A quiet day for all concerned, plane watching, sleeping, just relaxing. Happy hour saw the end of our stay as Monday morning Marcella & Ian, Rob & Robyn, Terry & Jill and Val were heading home. Jeanettte and Brian left Sunday morning. Mick, Stella and Marcia stayed on till Tuesday.

To sum up the trip, busy, sight seeing, shopping, eating, fun, laughter, lots of chatter, a fun time was had by all as the Happy Friendly Travellers headed home. (We were booked in as the Happy Travellers )

Report by Robyn