Social Page 2020

Hi All, 

Seeing how we are not travelling due to the Coronavirus thought a report on how we are enjoying our home time would be useful. Our members are keeping busy by autumn cleaning. Gardening is high on the doing list. A lot of members are catching up on books they wanted to read and then some. Bike riding for our energetic ones. They will be fit for when we travel again. One member is learning Yoga, another good exercise. With 3 great grand daughters arriving this year Sue is busy crocheting. Jigsaw puzzles and Face timing family is another pass time. Ken is fishing from his jetty, and enjoying the "Stay at Home" request. Marcella is making earrings, talented lady. Rob is cooking muffins and sent me a photo of them, mouth was watering.....Yum.

I wrote a limerick....Diary is free. How can this be. Covid 19 it seems. I could just scream. Wish I was free.  And put the challenge out there. Anne responded with 2, thanks and well done. They are.....It is Easter Sunday or Monday. No matter it has to be some day. Locked up at home. Feeling so alone. Looking forward to Covid 19 free day. And my favourite.....There was a man who liked to fish. To catch "The Big One" was his wish. He tried to convince all. If we just "played ball". That big one would be on our dish.... Well done Anne. 

                        Update from Anne and Ken. Jigsaw puzzle is now under the bed although Ken was wanting it in the bin. He has been busy making a Smoker for all the fish he is going to catch. 

Week begining 3rd May....Sue has finished 2 Crocheted Baby Blankets for her and Trevor's new grand daughters and has one to go but is having a break. So her time is now taken up with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Hope she finishes it and not like Ken & Anne's under the bed. 

Week begining 10th May...Sue has finished her 1000 piece puzzle, as photo will show took 3 days to finish the sky.....why do they have to make it all the one colour. She had forgotten how back breaking it was, so now back to Baby Blanket No. 3. Ken & Anne have dusted off their game of Fiddlesticks.....I'm sure we all remember playing this as a kid. Everdently Ken has not lost his "touch" & is the Fiddlestick Champion. I think this would be good on our next trip. 

Week beginning 17th May....The news has come out that restricions are being eased....Yippee  Will have to hurry to finish the list of jobs. Sue still needs to finish her 3rd blanket and I've started making curtains for the van..5 done, 5 to go. Best of all we can start travelling in our own state. Marcella and Ian have set a date for 2nd June to leave for  Moree and Lightning Ridge and anyone can join them.  Hopefully we can have our meeting soon and will be great to see everyone and plan trips for the year.

This week will be the last for the quizzes....I sure it kept the brain thinking, and you enjoyed the variety. Hope to see you all soon and we'll be on the road again.

Stay safe & sane.

Report by Bev