State Rally 2020

Driving down to Clarendon for the State Rally in constant light rain. Must say everywhere is looking green and lush. I was greeted by a member of the host club, Prospect, in a Bunnings raincoat and umbrella. I followed him on his bike to my site. Water, water every where...should have put the gum boots in. I quickly set up the van then went inside and changed into some dry cloths. UMH Umh now how to dry them. (My van is only 13foot) Ok, so I opened a couple of cupboard doors and hung the wet cloths on them. That will have to do. Met up with Katie, Bill, Marcella & Ian at the Pavillion for the flag raising ceromony. Marcella and myself were the proud Flag Bearer's this year. There are 17 clubs here at the rally. Entertainment for the night was Bush Poet Ralph Scriven's followed by a sausage in a bread roll and cake with cream for dessert. Then the duo "The Remixes" played and sung into the night. Naturally music from the 50's & 60's. We were in fine singing voice with some people up dancing. Great night. Next morning the sun is out and so was everyone's wet clothes and shoes. Marcella and myself joined in a Tai Chi class, hard remembering our right from left, but was our first time.  Then we were to play in "The Olympic Games" but the ground was too wet, hopefully tomorrow. So good chance to visit friends or explore the shops. While out and about I filled the car up with petrol....$1.21 a litre ( 16 c cheaper than home ) That afternoon was craft lessons for some and a talk from Rachael from Children's Medical Research. Very interesting what they do. Marcella and I attended a Line Dancing Class run by Anne. About 25 of us there. So much fun trying to remember the steps. Entertainment that night was by Ken and David from Prospect Club. Music and singing. People up dancing plus up the back of the hall Line Dancing, so naturally we joined in. Quite a few clubs went on stage and entertained us with Karaoke. Four people from the audience we called up to assist them with a song. Two were on washboards with bike bells, another on the Lagerphone (stick with beer caps) and I was on the Maracca's. What a fantastic sound we made, I had a very serious look, think it was called concentration, and didn't know I was so musical. Another great night. Saturday sun out again and "The Olympic Games" are to be played. YIPPEE..We were placed into a team of 4 and given a country to represent. Bill, Katie and myself were Brazil while Marcella and Ian were France. Games were discus....disc bowls were used.  Javelin....pool noodle with weight either end. Shot Put....Bocci Balls. We had to throw accurately into a circle or rectangle to score points. So funny. Line Dancing again that afternoon and must say we could remember the steps....well mostly. Dinner that night was choice of beef/pork, corn, potatoe and sour cream plus salad, scrumptious. Dessert was very creamy and in  a merangue casing. Entertainment that night by Mr James Band and the raffle was also drwan. Katie did us proud with winning a prize. Over $2,500 was raised for Quirindi CWA...Well done caravaners. Waking up Sunday morning to rain and bugger the Disc Bowls was cancelled. Really felt that Bill and I could have won it this year....oh well. After a long morning tea, I then went and started this report then in the afternoon over to the hall for the closing ceremony and happy hour with fellow travellers. Has been a great and fun rally and look forward to catching up with new and old friends at the next State Rally 2021 in Glouster.....Report by Bev