North Haven 2021

As the 6 vans arrived Trevor was the perfect host making everyone a tea or coffee....this will teach him to be first.  At the caravan park is a permanant Coffee / Food van opened from Thursday to Monday. This was across from where we are camped and has a shade cloth. How convenient. We took our chairs & nibbles & sat having happy hour under the shade of the awning. Did start to drizzle and a few of us put jackets on....this is still Summer. Later we all went to the Camp Kitchen for tea.

Next morning a few of us went to the Coffee van for breakfast. Must say the Pancakes with Maple Syrup & Banana's was delicious. Also the Egg & Bacon Roll & Cheese & Tomato Toasty was scrumptious too. Morning tea was packed then we headed to North Brother Look Out. Lucky for us there were some Handgliders getting ready to jump. The wind conditions weren't perfect, very gusty high up. 2 of the men didn't jump but the other 3 (more experienced) did. SPECTACULAR to watch them sour up. Back to camp for lunch then Trev, Sue, Ron & myself took a drive to Bonny Hill & Lake Cathie. We went down side streets & found interesting lookouts & a river with people fishing.  That night we watched the tennis in the Camp Kitcken. Alex de Minaur was playing Pablo Cuevas & 2 sets up. Very exciting tennis. Alex serving in the 3rd set was 6 - 5 up & 15 love when......the lights & TV went out. BUGGER.  We raced quickly home & yes he won.  We had forgotten lights out at 9.00pm.

Friday a picnic lunch was packed then we all went in convoy to Dunbogan Boathouse to have coffee. There was road works & the girls on the Stop/Go were waving to everyone & saying "Have a good day"  Really put a smile on your face. Thanks Girls. Coffee & cake was good but best of all was being able to feed the 100's of fish that were in the water. Good size too but don't think they would let you fish there. Next stop Long Point Vineyard & Gallery. A couple of interesting scupltures & the tree house was fun. Had a wine tasting & the Alcoholic Ginger Beer was a big hit. Then onto Lake Cathie for lunch. A beautiful spot. It was low tide so decided to go after lunch to Pilot Beach for a swim. Water was beautiful.

Aldi had Caravan Specials starting today so some went into Port Macquarie to shop. Others went into Laurieton for a walk around the shops. Was light drizzle. Decided to have a coffee....ok where are the coffee shops. None up west side of town so we walked & walked. Finally see one, heaps of people...bugger they closed. Marcella went in to see. They sorry but been run off their feet & customers having to wait nearly an hour for coffee. Ron says he thought he saw one down a side street neat RSL club. Off we go & YES....Coffee & cake beautiful. That afternoon raining so Marcella showed me a card game "Spite & Malice". Good game & I had a win. Had happy hour in the Camp Kitchen then tea & tennis.

Next day sun & cloud so while a couple stayed at camp recuperating from Aldi's  (Have to say Aldi's hadn't received their supply of caravan specials, dissapointing) others went on a drive to Comboyne. Good road then gravel for 20 kms. Nice scenery. Comboyne small, had a look in the Information Centre. Great craft & wood work plus a  pleasant lady. Time to leave as we have booked for lunch at Miss Nellie's at Kew for 1.00 pm. As heading out of town Marcella says "Sign said to Wauchope & I don't remember being on tar." "We are going wrong way." Back seat passengers no help as carn't remember what road we came on. Ian turns car around, good on dirt road again. 3km down a Y intersection, don't remember this. Go right -- road gets narrow. Ok another U turn. At Y intersection go right, sharp bend. Road is narrow & large potholes, a couple houses in distance. I'm sure I can heard "Deliverence" playing. We have 5 minutes to get to cafe & 15 km to go. When Marcella has service she rings cafe "We got lost coming out of Comboyne, will be late."  Girl says thats ok & sure I heard her laugh. Anyway we weren't lost "Just Exploring." Well lunch was beautiful & we had a good laugh about our adventure.

Monday another picnic lunch packed & off to Crowdy Head & Harrington. Decided to go through the Natiional Park. Another dirt road with larger potholes, glad we didn't go in my Toyota Avalon, would have lost her in 1 of the potholes. Called into Diamond Head Campground...beautiful & grassy, kangaroos & large goannas roaming. Beach right there & inviting. Wind had picked up when we arrived at Crowdy Head. Road to Lighthouse closed so drove around. Finally found a spot with some protection from the wind for lunch. Then onto Harrington. Old part is similar to what I remember 30 years ago. Too windy for walk along breakwall. Onto new part & golf course. Quite large. Was a good day & hoping for more 4 wheel driving tomorrow....enjoyable. Nearly forgot....Marcella & myself had pancakes for breakfast again. The coffe van was very busy. Terry came across...loves his Pancakes...lady says "Sorry Marcella bought the last one." Needless to say Terry wasn't happy. Settled for Banana Bread with extra Banana & Maple Syrup.

Tuesday sunny day so headed out to Wauchope with picnic lunch. Called into Old Bottlebutt tree (In my car & some dirt but good) Had walk through the bush & tree was well worth seeing. HUGE. Lunch in park at Wauchope then onto Chocolate/Fudge Factory. The smell was amazing. Most bought. Marcella loves licorice so sitting outside waiting for others the packets was opened & consumed. Then out to Cowarra Dam for a look. Was relaxing & good to see water in the dam. That night some went out for tea, rest cooked tea in Camp Kitchen then a walk through the park & along the beach. Surprising how warm the water was.

In the morning we packed up & said our Good Byes. We all agreed was a great trip, first for 2021 with many more for the year.

Report By Bev