Weethalle 2021

       Weethalle " Where the hell is that ?" "never heard of it" was the response when I told people where I was going. Sue and Trevor can tell you because that's where Sue grew up. A tiny town out of West Wyalong, which boasts a church, a pub, take away, coffee shop, petrol station where the pump had to be unlocked by owner, as the Internet didn't work too well. A mechanical workshop, cafe and museum at old station and not much more, except of course, the painted silos. There were 250 vans at the festival, so we tripled the population.

      Anyway, I arrived at the red dusty Showgrounds and set up my tent next to Sue and Trevor, Bev, Barbara, Val and Ron and further away, Kathy on the actual Showground. We were also accompanied by flies, dust and mice. I had a friendly visitor in my tent after leaving a zip undone. I might add I screamed as it ran frantically past me in its attempt to escape. I thought I was tougher than that!!!! At the end of the trip taking down my tent I discovered two squashed mice, me effort at controlling the mice plague. Val and Barbara had several visits in their kitchen from the little varmits.

      Anyway it was a great few days, lots of great country music that we heard from our campsite when sharing morning tea and happy hour in the afternoon, also around the campfire, Ron bought a fire pit made from an old gas cylinder that he got from a Men's Shed. Only problem was he set the grass on fire. But never fear, Sue visited her rellies and borrowed a metal plate and rocks to raise it off the ground.

       Barbara walked into her tow bar and her report of the incident was " I got rolled last night by three cowboys called Tony Towball, Dusty Brown and Gary Gravel." Ron was so relaxed listening to the music he fell asleep. Ron, Barb and Val entered the Damper Making Competition, winning the Sweet Damper section, and it was absolutely delicious. 

       And of course I have to mention my brilliant poetry performance at the Poets Breakfast on Saturday. A great few days in Weethalle, experiencing the country lifestyle with our Friendly Travellers friends. Carn't wait till next year.

Report by Marion