Woopi in Winter 2021

        I took two days to arrive with overnight stop Kendell Showground. Amenities block has been revamped, large hot showers and power for $20 a site. That night rained and in the morning the ground was very wet. The drive to Woopi was some drizzle and on arrival at the caravan park the sun was out. Park is small and roads narrow so can take some manoeuvering to get in. Trev had extra problem of a lamp post and car across the road. The people had gone for a walk and arrived back just as Trev was unhitching..20 mins later. The park is clean and right on the beach and walking distance to town. Great spot.

      Next day morning tea first then into town and Information Centre. She was so helpful and we came away with plenty of brochures. Then had a walk around town. Heaps of shops, coffee and food outlets. A large Medical Centre and three Physio shops. Yes a couple of Op shops too. For most of us it had been years (30 for me) since called into Woopi and it has certainly grown but still nice feel. Lunch back at camp then Ron and myself went for a bike ride ( 12 years since I've ridden a bike) and no injuries. Went to Woolworths, very big store, and bought the makings for a Chicken Soup for Sue to make in her Dream Pot for all of us tomorrow night. Yum.

      No visit to the Coffs Coast is complete unless you visit the Big Banana and have a photo taken. Must say coffee and cake was tasty too. Visited the Lolly Shop and they were actually making the yummy sweets. Water, sugar and glucose is boiled then put on a bench....very hot....When cool enough to handle they stretch it and roll it. This makes the colour change, and must say their arms and hands have a real work out. Next a couple colours rolled together then rolled until right size and the chop, chop with a paint scraper and there you have bite size lollies...yummy too.

       Next stop Nana Glen, not much there so onto Glen Rowen and a picnic lunch. A walk around town and photo of The Golden Dog. They have a great Camp Ground, only $20 with power. Good spot. That night after Happy Hour we had yummy Chicken Soup and bread roll followed by chocolate and mint slice. Ahhh life is good.

       Saturday we walked along the beach into town and the Farmers Market. Buried in the sand is the wreck of "Buster" a 310 tonne timber barquentine which was to pick up timber to take to New Zealand but encountered a fierce gale which pushed her ashore in 1893. Luckily no lives were lost. We were amazed that there is still part of her showing after 128 years. Some of us bought items at the market and a coffee at the surf club was enjoyed by all. That afternoon 6 of us went to the Bowling Club for a game of Barefoot Bowls. (We kept our shoes on as synthetic grass) Ian and myself have played so we were skips. My team Sue and Trevor with Ian with Marcella and Ron. Competition was fierce with bowls going everywhere. My team would have 2 up when we changed ends and Ian would everytime sneek his bowl closer and win the end......don't know how he did it. It was 9 ends before we won it. All in all a fun few hours with plenty of laughs. Congradulations to Ian, Marcella and Ron.

       A trip to Woopi one must visit the Shik Temple and museum. Upon entering the museum we were greated by a volunteer who explained how 450 years ago it all started. Everybody is equal. There was a case with very nasty looking weapons but these were used for defence only. Across the road was the Temple, the one I have pasted for 60 years and wondered what was inside. Shoes and sox's off and a scarf must be worn. We entered a huge room, tiled floor with mats to sit on. At the back was a massive kitchen and ladies every where, chopping vegetables, making dough and rolling into round balls. Stirring pots that were as large as half a 44 gallon drum.

        "Welcome, please have lunch with us" a gentleman said. So up to the counter we pick up a silver tray then as we move along men spoon in Spinach, Eggplant, Yoghurt with Chick Peas, Lentals, Rice Pudding, Cucumber, Blackberries and traditional Bhatura Bread. All the food looked like it had been blended with spices and curry. Actually was very tasty with the spinach my favourite. Luckily we didn't have to sit on the floor. Although the meal was free we all  gave a donation. Good experience.  After lunch went up to the Look Out where there is a painted Water Tower. Think we saw a whale....long way out. 

        Ron suggested a trip to seaside Red Rock and the shop has great fish and chips he said. What a find - huge grassy areas along the fore shore where families were picnicing, kicking soccer or footballs, fishing and just having fun. Water was so blue and clear. A couple of people were in swimming...we reckon they were from Victoria. Took a walk over rocks to the ocean. And yes the rocks are RED!!!! Brilliant. Back to the shop for fish and chips and they were good. On way home called in for a look at other beaches, some hard to find. 

        Our last day at Woopi so decided to start the day with Bacon and Eggs. Then a drive to Sealy Lookout..... WOW.... what a steep and windy road. At the top, The Sky Pier is 21 metres long and 15 metres above forest floor. Amazing view and BOY is Coffs a big place. Next onto the Botanical Gardens. A leisurely walk through the different regions...Japenese, China, Indian, Rainforest and Endangered Species to name a few. There was a funny looking bus going around the garden. It's name is BusBot and automatic, no driver. It's is being trialed and was a very comfortable ride.

         That night we rugged up and had a long happy hour discussing our week and all agreed was a fabulous week with plenty to see and do. In the morning we said our "good byes" with Ian and Marcella heading north to Tweed Heads, Ralph staying extra night and Kathy had left on Monday. So Sue and Trevor, Ron and myself met up again at Coopernook Pub for the night. Had a beautiful lunch in the beer garden then back to vans. Ron said " Anyone for a game of Quoits ?"  Yes we'll be in that. Well we were out of practice but Sue for the girls was first to 10 points....winners.

        All in all a great trip. Days good weather with happy hours shortened due to very cold nights.  Great place to visit.

Report by Bev