Wangi Getaway

It was so great to have the van hitched up and on the road again......even though it was only 20 minute drive. I set up at the park and in the afternon took a walk to the unpowered sites to see if our tenting ladies had arrived. Yes Val, Barb and her sister Lyn were there with 2 tents up plus the kitchen gazeebo. Barb had made fancy sandwiches plus a pot of tea for the ladies to enjoy. High tea camping way. We organized for them to come to my van for coffee in the morning. Gary had arrived by the time I came back.

Barb rang in the morning saying they were still in their PJ's. Through the night they had a visit from a possom who had search through their bags for food. So they were up late putting food in their cars and had slept (sort of ) in. No problem we will go up for Happy Hour. This we did and heard all about the antics of the possum. They had a good view over the water and we could see storm clouds rolling in. As Gary & I had left windows open on vans decided to head home. The storm wasn't much, over in 10 minutes.

Wednesday had Bev cleaning outside of her van, had been sitting under a tree for 6 months and was browny/green. Yuk...Later in the arvo Gary and I go for a walk along the lake. A fisherman had a pelican standing beside him....hoping for a feed. We organized for a game of Uka at 4.00 in the camp kitcken near us. Barb and Lyn show up, Val having a Nanny Nap. Once again comes over black and starts to sprinkle. As camp kitchen is open we start to get wet, so Barb & Lyn over.

Thursday saw beautiful sunshine. Gary packed up, could only stay couple days. We all then went to our Xmas Lunch for Caravan Club at MacKenzie Reserve, Budgewoi. Was great to see so many there. Ian, Anne H, Sue, Kimberley and Bev S were the lucky raffle winners of a ham. Val B and Barb were the lucky door winners.  Back at camp and around 5.00 the black clouds came over....again....this time we did get a down pour.

Friday saw the tenters packing up and the working people starting to arrive for the week end. There was vans, kids, boats and canoes everywhere. Saturday I finished cleaning the van, must say she looks good. Anne B and a friend arrive and camped next to me. Had a good happy hour chatting about trips. Next day I packed up, Anne B was thinking staying a week as such a beautiful, peaceful spot.

Had all sorts weather.... fine, overcast and storms most afternoons. But was definatly good to get away.

Report By Bev