Mylestom 2022

Mylestom.....what a beautiful part of the coast.  Has a Tidal Swimming Pool, Cafe/PO/Store plus Bowling Club. Quiet peaceful paradise that I don't think we should tell too many people about. The caravan park has HUGE grassed level sites. Friendly staff, amenities good, camp kitchen excellent and a dog wash.

Marcella & Ian, Sue & Trevor  had arrived Monday, Gary Tuesday just in time to join them for a walk to the cafe for morning tea. I arrive later Tuesday and just about set up when they arrived back. After lunch a walk around the park then swim in their pool. Great size.

Wednesday morning we are off to see Urunga. Ian, Marcella & myself in one car. Trev, Sue & Gary in other. We leading but not sure which direction to take and at the round we go around and around again before taking turn off....hopefully right one. No we end up at the winery (doing this Friday ) then to Norco Milk Factory and road is getting narrow. Do a U turn and 2 workers outside just shake their heads. Finally Urunga turn off. We miss turn to the shops and waterfront...another U turn....a local in car behind just shakes her head. Finally we arrive at the waterfront.  Coffee first then walk along the 1km Boardwalk. We see in the clear water a Stingray, Gar Fish and Whiting..some breakfast size and dinner plate size too. A swim in the lagoon after our walk. We all climb onto the pontoon ( this was not easy as ladder straightup and down ) and... Whee...jump into the water....Ian dived. Lunch in the park then off to the shops to get supplies. Urunga is very busy and caravan park is nearly full. We all agree prefer our "peace of paradise." On drive home Marcella is on Google maps to see where we went wrong this morning.....Never wrong I say...just Exploring....and YES we miss the turn off to Mylestom. Another U turn. All in all a great day. Back at camp Mick has arrived. We now all here. A swim is in order followed by a shower then Happy Hour.

Thursday we all head out to we didn't miss turn off...Info centre first. Bellingen has very narrow streets and very hard to find parking spot plus heaps people around. We want to go to Never Never - Promised Land. No info on it but lady points us in the right direction. Locals don't want it over run with tourists. We drive 10 minutes and miss car park so... U turn...Heaps cars there...thought this was suppose to be a secret. Short walk to river, beautiful and moving swiftly but shallow. Some locals are heading up stream. Marcella asks a girl where we can swim and she said "Turn left at the church and just up the road " Ok Thanks...morning tea first. Back into cars and found some beautiful spots but shallow. Me thinking the girl we spoke to sent us on a wild goose hunt. The Locals Don't Want To SHARE. Back to Bellingen to have a look at the Milk Factory. Lots of craft shops. Also Ice Cream shop...why not... lunch can wait. Ice Cream's were delicious. Then back in car to find  a spot to have picnic lunch. Spot near river no table so head to Showground. Then home and yes Ian missed turn off to Mylestom again. That afternoon was Poppy Naps - Swim in pool - Happy Hour.

We always have a Bacon and Egg Breakfast and todays the day.  BBQ's in the Camp Kitchen are very slow to cook on but finally we sat and enjoyed our meal. Marcella, Ian, Sue, Mick and myself (Designated Driver ) head to Raleigh Winery. Their is a Trike outside and the owner asked if anyone would like to sit on it.....Marcella and myself jumped at the chance. Then inside to be seated at a table. This is fancy. It's $5 for tasting which is 6 wines. They pick what they want and I have water. The Butterscotch Liquor was the pick....very I was told. Then back into my car for a drive to find Bongi Bongi NP. Marcella has Google Maps on her phone but not good service. Road is dirt...that's ok, not bad. Then a side road is where we suppose to go....Not The Avalon...I say. It is very rough, so decided will come another day in Ian's four wheel drive...more suited. Back at camp Marcella, Ian and myself decided to go to Tidal Pool. Tide is coming in.....takes 47 strokes to reach the end and 19 to come back....strong current. That night we all walk to the Bowling Club for a Chinese tea and the raffles. We didn't win anything but the food was good. 

Saturday we had planned to go to Bellingen Markets but it was raining and constant so off to the Camp Kitchen loaded with games. First game was Quiddler, card game and you have to make words. Nouns, slang not allowed or though some of us did try. Very good. Next Rummy-0. We had to be careful as the Camp Kitchen floor has gaps between the boards and quite often we dropped tiles. It was the last game and you guessed it....Sue dropped a tile, it bounced off my foot and down the gap it went. Checked outside and NO no room to climb under. So if anyone has a spare Blue 8 Mick would appreciate it. 

Sunday saw sunshine so pack morning tea and off to Bellingen Milk Factory to enjoy our morning tea. We talk a walk through town and buy supplies. Still busy and little parking. Up the mountain to Dorrigo. The road has been washed away in places but take your time and safe to drive. Dorrigo quiet, plenty of parking, no this is good. As we deciding what to buy for lunch we talk to a lady who has 2 bus loads of very hungry Air Cadets....That's 30 kids. They are from Inverell and Moree and been on a camp. She told them to spread out and not all go into one shop. We find nice Takeaway Shop, no kids and order Burgers. 20 - 25 min wait due to large order from the pony club. Ok we are hungry so wait. 3/4 hour later we have our food and off to picnic area at Dangar Falls. Starving now....Burgers are beautiful and everyone eats every bite. Dangar Falls is flowing fiercly, Only 2 of us want to walk to the bottom so decide to go to Skywalk in the National Park instead. Out on the walk it is hazy in distance but still breathtaking. Sue, Trev & Gary have returned to camp so Marcella, Ian, Mick and myself go for the rainforest bird watching walk. Path is wide and comfortable but Ian decides to go back. So we continue on. We don't hear birds but find a small red bellied snaked curled up enjoying the small ray of sunshine. We meet John a local shuffling along. He tells us he's 86 and has been bushwalking years. He did long walk...3 and 1/2 hours took him.  Was a great day out but we are all a bit weary.

Monday saw Sue and Trev pack up. We all go down to the cafe for coffee. Sue and Trev we wave farewell and safe travels. Rest of us go for a swim in Tidal Pool, current not as strong. It is very hot today and the water is refreshing.  Home for lunch then swim in the pool. Life is so relaxing.

Tuesday is overcast, Gary has packed up and headed home so those left decide to go to Urunga as Mick hasn't seen it and we will do the mangrove walk too plus swim. Walk is good with fish and stingray again. Tide is very low so decide against swim. Not inviting. Off to Hungry Head for picnic lunch. Not one of your better beaches, not impressed. Have lunch then drive home in the rain. 

Next day overcast and all go to the cafe with friends of Marcella & Ian who have arrived for few days. Then walk to the surf club and a walk along the beach. Surf is very rough and heaps and heaps blue bottles. As raining after lunch some of us  head to the camp kitchen for game of Quiddler and Rummy-0. Good fun. Off to club for tea again and the meal is more scrumptious than Friday night. It's early when back at camp so Marcella and I go to camp kitchen for a card game of "Spite and Malice." I win first 2 games and half way through 3rd game lights go out.....Marcella was winning at this stage too.....NO I did not turn out the lights on purpose.

Thursday raining again, my turn to pack up and head home. 

We all agreed that Mylestom is a great place for a break.  We hope it stays that way...quiet seaside town. Only thing we would like different is.... NO SANDFLIES.....They were a bit of a nuisance. Hand sanitizer worked well for the itch.  We had some great weather and only few days wet but enjoyed being able to play card and board games. Good trip had by all.

Report by Bev